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#NewSingle: Rootwords – A Matter of Time

The globally-minded and eclectic emcee Rootwords is about to drop his second album Warning Signs, an excitingly new opus produced by him and his music partner since 2010, Kinyama Sounds.

Warning Signs is about resistance, perseverance and steadfastness in the ever so rapidly changing world of today. The lyrics describe the energy and determination of an individual who is constantly at odds with the demands and direction of today’s society.

A Matter of Time – Artwork

The first single A Matter of Time describes the universal moment in our lives when we finally decide to face reality. It is the moment of clarity that arrives when the illusion of your greater society is stripped away. It is a return to that moment when you were born naked, before your innocence was lost. It is a song of admission and courage. It is Rootwords’ confession.

This song was composed with the The Block Notes, Rootwords’ live band, and with the participation of the great producer and beatmaker Yvan Peacemaker (Soprano, Booba, Rocé, Stress). Vocals on chorus by Rosie Holloway.


A Matter of Time is a song about who and where I am today. I arrive to that conclusion by reflecting on where I could have been and who people (society) expect me to be. I think of it as a metaphor for life after death, that is to say, the moment that I came to realise my vocation.”, says Rootwords.








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