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NYKOBANDZ: The ‘Sauce’ of New Orleans

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New Orleans upstart NYKOBANDZ began rapping back in college [in Atlanta]—but, has since developed a distinctive brand and sound that is making him one of the most exciting and versatile young artists to come from the ‘NOLA’ is some time. It was the love he earned from those original recordings in the ATL that fueled his current trajectory, though, and got him focused on taking music seriously.

Inspired by industry notables like [Lil] Wayne and 2 Chainz, he describes his unique, distinctive—yet comfortably contemporary—sound as, quite simply, ‘Sauce.’ “I felt like the local scene didn’t really have that [Sauce],” he said in an interview, “I felt like everything was ‘gangsta’ rap. The Sauce, for the sake of a more defined explanation, is a slick mix of melodic bounce and trap sounds.

Having made a significant buzz with records like “Goyard” and “Schedule,” NYKO has more than set the stage for his upcoming mixtape, SwimmingNBANDZ; as a precursor, though, he’s lined up a four song EP dedicated to what he describes as his primary fan base—the youth. “I feel like that’s my biggest audience,” he explains, “that’s who I rap to [the youth], especially in my city.”

With a best new artist nomination at the 2016 NOLA music awards and a host of labels and industry figures trying to either sign or collaborate with him, it’s hard to comprehend that he’s still less than a year into his career. What’s even more admirable, though, are his career goals. “I want to be successful,” he says, “and I want to be able to come back to New Orleans and sign the talent here to [my own] label.” With a youthful spark, a developed sense of direction, and a certain “it” factor that is undeniable, it’s easy to see the future he has in this game; NYKOBANDZ is the New-NOLA, and—if he has it his way—will usher in the next generation of Cash Money-esque (Southern) legacy.


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