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Officialvybe Just Signed a Distribution Deal With Equity Distribution/roc nation

Officialvybe mixes young gun energy with creative skill to make his big personality be summed up by catchy rhymes. On his new single “Drop Top” he delivers with a style that nods more and more to hip-hop’s bold and assertive strides, allowing the rapper to be adventurous and thoughtful at the same damn time.

His intricate flows take shape over an ever-shifting instrumental, a slithery trap beat with shadowy synth melodies. Officialvybe moves between styles, landing on infectious verses about living the good life with a brazen lyrical delivery on themes of money, sex and cars.

The rapper’s skills aren’t in question on “Drop Top”, as he strikes a perfect balance between mellow production and lyrical power. The song has a blissful bounce, and is undeniably catchy and sees Officialvybe be obsessed with being unapologetically himself – to the point that the banger becomes unflinching.

Having signed a deal with Roc Nation, Officialvybe is an artist who knows that he is capable of long-term success. “Drop Top” speaks for itself, both bold and filled with bravado, allows Officialvybe to deliver premium verses filled with a combination of skill and flare that at this point, justifies his self-titling.

This composition evolves and transforms Officialvybe into a sharper beast, turning him into a focused and ambitious artist. He has successfully managed to insinuate himself quite forcefully within the hip-hop landscape and beyond and doesn’t need the approval of musical peers to make a name for himself. Nonetheless, “Drop Top” is palpably more hinged and rooted in a particular mood for a particular audience.


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