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Prince Announces Memoir

Prince has announced that he’s writing a memoir, as Pitchfork reports. At a press conference in New York today, Prince announced that the title of the book will be The Beautiful Ones, which is also the name of a track on Purple Rain, as Pitchfork points out. He also said that it will span from his first memory to when he played the Super Bowl XLI halftime show in 2007.

A press release describes it as “an unconventional and poetic journey through his life and creative work — from the family that shaped him and the people, places, and ideas that fired his creative imagination, to the stories behind the music that changed the world.” Spiegel & Grau Executive Editor Chris Jackson also says:

Prince is a towering figure in global culture and his music has been the soundtrack for untold numbers of people — including me — for more than a generation; his creative genius has provided the musical landscape of our lives. Millions of words have been written about Prince — books and articles, essays and criticism — but we’re thrilled to be publishing Prince’s powerful reflections on his own life in his own incandescently vivid, witty, and poetic voice.


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