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R.W. Roldan Presents New Single ‘Wyatt Earp’

The Song Wyatt Earp was written and recorded by Ray William Roldan at The Out Post Recording Studio in Topanga, California. It’s a commentary the present day social/political condition as perceived by the writer. “Seems like everyone is waiting for someone else to ride in and save the day!” RW Roldan

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Bio: RW Roldan is a Singer/Song writer/Recording Artist in the Americana Roots Rock tradition. He’s a husband, father, artist, construction worker and veteran.

Raised in the San Fernando valley when he moved there at age 6 from his birth state of New Jersey. He resides now in the hills of Topanga and can be seen performing through out the west coast for his soon to be released 4th album entitled Can You Feel This by RW Roldan.


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