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Ralana “Badass vibes” album dropping summer 2019

Still riding the high from the success of previous singles, When The Sun and Money Talks, Ralana is determined to capitalize on her momentum with her latest album release “Badass Vibes”, a collection of twelve EDM/Pop tracks bound to get you moving. Incorporating her signature up-tempo syncopated beats and particularly singular melodies, Badass Vibes completes the package of Pop-EDM hit singles making Ralana the artist to be garnering the industry attention she deserves. In a recent teaser post through social media, Ralana hinted at “New mad music on the way. Be ready for Madness!” This statement was instantly received with high praise and deep anticipation from her near half a million followers. The tension felt as fans wait for an album release is evident as her summer release of Badass Vibes is expected to meet with equal success as When The Sun hit #2 in days after launch on the ReverbNation charts.

Utilizing the production services of Peter Syden from Sweden, Joni Collier from the Netherlands, Alexsandar Markovic from Serbia, Srejeeth from India and Arty Skye from the USA, Ralana has been able to experiment with different sounds, recording styles and harmonic principles to create twelve sure hits for her upcoming album release on Xlency Records. By incorporating these many influences, Ralana is poised to stand out among the sea of EDM artists currently vying for recognition, yet lacking the passion and dedication to rise to the upper echelon of a highly competitive and demanding genre.

Badass Vibes features deep bass grooves coupled with accelerating rhythms which entice dancing from the listener. Each sample is well-executed and compliments each other with a contrast which challenges yet entertains. Badass Vibes is an excellent addition to any club playlist as the underlying funk is sure to carry the needed electricity for the dancers to get their fix. Badass Vibes would also serve as a great addition to any Dance/Pop radio format with its repetitive rhythms and catchy hooks. The mix is professionally captured as each frequency is well separated allowing for clarity at high volumes, yet blended exquisitely to capture the full sound of a Bona Fide professional album release. With plenty of allotted headroom and all samples mixed distortion-free, DJ’s will be able to take liberties with these tracks in their playlists to blend Badass Vibes to any room.

For more information, and to be first in line when Badass Vibes drops stay tuned to Ralana’s social media feed, and experience the magic of hard work and determination.

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