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Rick Fusion Makes A Massive Impact With Radio-Ready New Single “A Little Bit Of Love” – Out Now!

With a radiant array of colorful sound and beautifully positive vibes bursting from every second of his brand-new single “A Little Bit Of Love,” hybrid-sensation Rick Fusion is spreading pure joy to the world through his music. Charting strongly within the AC/HOT AC Top 30 Indie Music Singles instantly, Rick’s latest single continues to build momentum, revealing that the remarkably fresh and uplifting sound of “A Little Bit Of Love” is the exact type of song, sentiment, and message of hope that the world really needs right now. Through Fusion’s signature ability to bring multiple styles of music together, he’s also discovered his spectacular ability to unify listeners, and unlocked the power to brighten everyone’s day.

Guided by his unwavering faith in Christ and dedicated to bringing His word direct to the people by creating celebratory songs that are designed to uplift the attitude & mood of all who listen, Rick provides the blueprint to a better tomorrow for us all to share through “A Little Bit Of Love.” Brilliantly highlighting the vast differences that could be collectively made to change the world by choosing love and light – “A Little Bit Of Love” serves as a bold reminder to treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves, and that the world can become an even more wonderful place by actively playing our parts.

Through his vibrant & spirited combination of Pop/Reggae-infused vibes, Rick shines brightly in his performance & leads by example by opening his heart and spreading “A Little Bit Of Love” at a crucial time where people all around the globe need it more than ever. As inspiring as it is entertaining, Rick Fusion’s latest single “A Little Bit Of Love” is out & available now everywhere online – and the fact that it’s connecting so many hearts & minds across the map already is full proof that this is an artist with the genuine sincerity, altruistic intent, memorable melodies, and charismatic sound they truly want to hear.

Join Rick Fusion as he takes over the radio-waves on his way to the top of the charts worldwide in 2020!


Jamaican born Rick Fusion merges his native reggae with international hip hop and pop to create a signature style that is irresistible to listeners around the world. With his unique rhythmic style, he is neither a singer nor a rapper, but a “Singjayer,” taking the best of both worlds to make undeniably catchy songs that are bursting with positive energy.
Growing up in Jamaica, Rick’s musical career began when he was only a child, singing in his Sunday school choir. He quickly took his musical gifts to the street, battling with his friends, and singing anywhere he could. He continued to do so when he moved to the musical hotbed of Miami at age fourteen. Suddenly exposed to such a diverse array of styles, he became enthralled with the idea of fusing different genres, and gave himself the name Rick Fusion to honor this love of music.
Rick first introduced his melodic gift to the world with the release of his 2019 EP ‘Control.’ With songs centered around his Christian faith and love for his fellow man, the EP’s five tracks highlight what he does best – uplifting messages backed up by rhythms that simultaneously open hearts and light up dance floors. Building on this momentum, he released three more outstanding singles the same year, continuing his trend of blending genres to create music that is as innovative as it is inspirational.
Rick Fusion has spent his life traveling the world with music as his constant companion. As he continues to grow as an artist, he remains committed to his faith in Christ, sharing the art of love through rhythmic love songs and positive flows. Anyways, he is a unique voice who is sure to win over the hearts of listeners from all walks of life.



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