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Rising Artist Juliett Novak

Juliett Novak is a singer-songwriter and pianist. She is a versatile pop artist capable of
dissolving boundaries between classical and pop music. Born in Slovakia, she currently
divides her time between the USA and Belgium.

Moving to the USA
Six years ago, Juliett moved to the USA with her husband, who was studying at Harvard
University. Leaving her family and friends was not an easy decision for her, but this new
cultural experience exceeded all of her expectations and provided her with all sorts of

Living abroad has changed her.
Juliett confesses that living abroad has changed her and helped her to mature artistically. “I
became a different person,” she says. “In the past, I was more conservative and shy. However,
living abroad completely transformed my personality.”

She has loved music since her childhood.
Juliett loved music from a very early age and has devoted her life to becoming a respected artist.
Up until her twenties, she was classically trained in piano and opera singing. Later she was
introduced to jazz and musical theatre. Nowadays she focuses exclusively on pop music.

From classical music to pop

How does a musician switch from classical music to pop music?
“I would not have been able to do this without changing my personality. In classical
music, you have to stick to the rules and principles, and you must have discipline. In pop, it’s
the exact opposite. It’s more about creativity, improvisation, self-confidence, and
entertainment,” she explains. “Being influenced by different mentalities and cultures also
helped. This gave me a sense of freedom and courage. When I was abroad, I saw many
examples of other artists who were spontaneous and not afraid to be themselves. Healthy
self-confidence is very, very important.”

She is constantly challenging herself to improve.
Juliett studied at the Music Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Slovakia.
She also attended the “Stage Performance Workshop” at Berklee College of Music in Boston,
USA, where she presented her original songs in a series of concerts. While in Boston,
Juliett was also a member of the Harvard Gospel Choir “Kuumba Singers” and performed
with them in Cambridge, Boston, and New York. She has also given several self-produced
solo performances in Brussels, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Juliett Novak

Juliett Novak is a complex artist.
She has recorded songs in South Africa and collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer
Arty Skye in New York. However, last year she decided to take complete artistic control and
release her songs on her own. She writes all her own music and lyrics, produces her own songs,
and directs her own videos. Her main reason for doing everything by herself was to have a
full understanding of the entire process. “The key is to go where your creativity and
intuition lead you,” she says. “Doing everything myself, I’m able to interpret the sounds and
visuals and make my vision come to life.”
One of her biggest influences has been Alicia Keys, who is an accomplished singer, songwriter,
record producer, and pianist.

“Work It Out”
“’Work It Out’” is an inspirational song that is supposed to give people courage and
energy,” she explains. “I chose to show athletes in this clip because their determination, zeal,
will, and self-confidence can inspire others to succeed. All of these attributes are absolutely
necessary to achieve any goal. We’ve heard this message many times before, but I feel it
needs to be repeated over and over again. That’s why I decided to write a song about it. This
song helps me and motives me every day, and I firmly believe it will help others find the
courage to follow their dreams and achieve their goals!”

Recipe for success
Juliett realizes that talent is only a small part of what it takes to be successful. “You also need
to have self-confidence, discipline, time management, and passion,” she says. “You have to be
willing to take chances and ask others to collaborate. But most of all, you have to believe in
your work.”

In addition to composing and recording, Juliett teaches both singing and piano lessons and
last year she was ranked among the top 10 coaches in DC.

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