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Rising Artists to Watch in 2018

From pop royalty to hip-hop rookies, here’s a rundown of the artists we can’t wait to hear from in the new year, whether they’ve confirmed an album release or are long overdue for an update to their oeuvre.

Check out the rising artists we’re tapping to make major moves in 2018. 

The most exciting independent artists in the world:


Shan Vincent de Paul

Born in Sri Lanka – Shan and his family fled the country due to civil war and arrived in Canada as refugees – his music forces listeners to ask themselves tough questions tied to fame, popular culture, identity, and humanity itself. “Bitch Go” is the first single from his sophomore album Trigger Happy Heartbreak. Shan’s 2016 solo debut album Saviors was met with critical acclaim by DJBOOTH, Complex, Okayplayer, Afro Punk, Clash Magazine, HipHopDX, and many others.

Expect more of Shan Vincent de Paul next year!

For fans of: Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop


Matt Hartke

Matt is an American Recording Artist & Multi Platinum-Selling songwriter, writing with the likes of Avicii, Adam Lambert, Cash Cash, Chainsmokers, Alex Newell, Matisyahu, Max Martin, Shellback, and Tiesto. As an unsigned recording artist, Matt’s song “Gold” has been climbing up the Spotify Charts with over 8 million plays and counting. His last 3 singles have also been spinning heavily on SiriusXM’s The Coffeehouse.

Taster single “Sign Me Up” suggests good things to come.

For fans of: Singer/Songwriter


The Free

The free is a Canadian/Sudanese immigrant award winning songwriter who has recently gained international acclaim for his unique work.

“Traveling man” touches the leanings obtained by soaking in the different and similar vibes released from all around the world. A testimony of the connection that rules our spirits.

His music is confident, creative and puts his unique identity and culture on full display. And, oh yeah, the tracks are good as hell.

For fans of: Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman 


Louis Samson

Julias Moon debuted with the single ‘Bay’ which was ‘Pick of The Week’, nominated ‘Listeners Choice’ and ‘Talent of the Year’ on P3 in Denmark and propelled the bands career.

Their second single ‘Lipstick Lies’ topped the local sales and airplaycharts and became one of the biggest hits in Denmark in 2014. In November 2014 they released their debut EP “FAKE ID HEARTBREAK” which was certified Platinum and included the singles: ”Bay”, ”Lipstick Lies” and ”Palace” streaming more than 20 million combined. Julias Moon were nominated for ‘Best New Act’ and ‘Best Duo or Group’ at Danish Music Awards 2014 and have played all major TV shows in Denmark and more than 200 concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France.

It’s only a matter of time before Julias Moon captures the hearts of fans across the pond.

For fans of: Soul, Contemporary R&B 


Cecilia Ebba

London based alt. singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba from northern Sweden just released her new single, ‘Voices’, on November 24th. The track is the third single from Cecilia’s solo project, a project she began sharing with the world earlier in 2017 when releasing her previous singles ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ and ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’. With this self produced and atmospheric new single Cecilia is introducing a new side of her by inviting the listener closer than ever with her deeply personal songwriting and stripped back production.

Cecilia Ebba’s slam poetry background shines through in her skillful lyrics and the soulful messages she delivers in them.

For Fans Of: Bon Iver, Marika Hackman



Goldsmoke is a future soul duo of brothers from North London.

We’re excited to see what’s next from this increasingly talented guys!

For Fans Of: Soul, John Legend


Spencer Day

Born in Utah, raised in rural Arizona, and currently living in New York City, Spencer Day has called many places home. He has wandered amid the expansive and diverse landscape of American music, developing an artistic sensibility that borrows from numerous sources: jazz, musical theater, cabaret, soul, folk, traditional and contemporary pop. Day uses intuition and improvisation as his primary tools to craft a sound that is familiar, yet fresh and innovative at the same time.

Day’s Vagabond album peaked at #11 on the Billboard Album Charts and stayed on the chart for 47 weeks. The lead single, “Til You Come To Me,” peaked at #3 on the chart. His recent album, Daybreak, debuted at #1 on the Itunes Jazz Charts. Spencer’s latest single, “72 and Sunny,” marks his debut on the Mediabase Adult Contemporary chart where it has been for the last 12 weeks and currently resides at #23.

His latest project, Angel City, finds Day entirely at the helm. Recorded at Capitol Records with the support of the Budman-Levy Orchestra, he looks poised for a big year!

For Fans Of: POP, Soul


Tin Tenn

Success is largely a matter of hanging in there when most others find themselves folding up like a cheap lawn chair. Tin Tenn is a Memphis-based artist who is ready to share his remarkable story of perseverance in the form of music. His music passion and style comes not only from his past experiences, but also the soul and vibe that only comes from Memphis music. The 24 year-old lived a rough life for the entirety of his formative years, leading him to find music as his only lifeline when he hit rock bottom. His infectious style of hook-laden hip-hop is the perfect channel for his woes. His new single, “Lucid Dreams” shows off all the best aspects of his style and gives off a perfect introduction to the journey of Tin Tenn.

His new single, “Lucid Dreams” off the Midnight Madness EP has already accumulated over thirty-seven thousand streams on SoundCloud, and the official music video is the perfect next step to put this song at the forefront of the genre. The song touches upon Tin Tenn’s story of addiction and the desire to break free into the world of music, but from the perspective of a female protagonist.

His soulful brand of hip-hop is full of bounce and positivity, and with a charming personality and unique style Tin Tenn looks primed for stardom.

For Fans Of: Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop


Matt Adey

Londoner Matt Adey has been skirting a US-breakthrough since his track “Time Stood Still” featured on Armin Van Buren’s #1 US Dance album ‘A State Of Trance’ in 2015. Since then Matt has been working with producer Chris Potter (The Rolling Stones, The Verve (Urban Hymns), U2) on an upcoming album ‘Love And Deeper Cuts’.

“LOve Is Not A Game” putting on full display the ear for production, heartfelt tone and effortless lyrical mastery that make his one of the genre’s brightest stars.

For Fans Of: Original


Jon Vinyl

Jon Vinyl’s latest single “Life” depicts the inner turmoil of a young introspective artist, trying to pursue their dreams. The self-aware 19 year old sheds light on the experience of having to remain diligent in such a fast-paced city. Jon croons through to the end with ethereal harmonies to the chant/reminder that life doesn’t wait, so neither will he.

With the genre infiltrating so much modern jazz, now has never been a better time for Jon Vinyl to evolve into a global star!

For Fans Of: Jazz

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