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Ryan Atkins releases R&B breakup song, “Don’t Ask”

It’s that breaking point of a relationship where you are just over it when it is beyond repair. Soulful R&B singer, Ryan Atkins, approaches the subject with such grace on her new single “Don’t Ask”. As in don’t ask me where I’m going, don’t ask me where I’ve been, because it’s not your business anymore.

“Don’t Ask” allows us to follow her as she celebrates her new-found freedom away from a low-down cheating man. Though their living situation is still very messy, the friction makes for a compelling story that is masterfully executed by Ryan! The song shows a light at the end of the tunnel as Ryan Atkins looks forward to brighter days as an independent woman!

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ABOUT Ryan Atkins:

Ryan Atkins
Ryan Atkins

Radiating from New Jersey is the vibrant and soulful R&B recording artist/songwriter Ryan Atkins. As an entertainer, she possesses the drive to deliver electrifying performances and ignite audiences.

Growing up in Jersey City, Ryan decided to share her natural talent with the world and went on to purse her dream at the tender age of 11. Learning from notable producers and writers like Monica, Donell Jones, and Tony Braxton, Ryan refined her singing techniques. Filled with passion, her musical sound is pure and passionate reflecting a truthful meaning.

In 2017, she released a new track entitled “Don’t Ask” off her latest album “Misery Loves Company”. The album is reminiscent of love, lust, pain and living through the highs and lows of life. With the ability to create timeless music, Ryan is set to embrace her destiny as the up-and-coming icon in the music industry with her stylistic fusion of sound.

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