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Sapra Achieves International Success and Works for Peace

Sapra is no longer the little boy growing up in India with big dreams. He’s now an international star and leading man with one of the biggest international theatre shows in India that was seen by the country’s Prime Minister.

The actor, singer and dancer is multi-lingual and currently touring worldwide in the Mystic India Show that’s been seen by half a million people. His theatre mentor is the show’s creator, producer, director and choreographer, Amit Shah, who is also founder and president of AATMA Performing Arts.

“As a lead narrator in the show, I have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the audience, propagating world peace and cultural exchange in America and through the world,” said Sapra.

Born in New Delhi, he attended the Ryan International Schools and his talent manifested at an early age. Sapra was already touring and performing in three of the school’s major productions that included “Puss in the Boots” in which he played the lead, “Bo Ba Laba Brooks,” and “Jumbo Circus.”

“While students were taking exams, I was playing tabla or bongos in school events that kids my age weren’t normally allowed to do,” said Sapra.

As a college student at the age of 18, he began working directly with Indian TV and film producer, Ekta Kapoor, at one of India’s biggest production houses. Hired as an actor for daytime TV, he was told he was too young for work in soap operas.

Sapra began traveling and working with Zee Television Gold Awards, founder of Beyond Exclamation, a theatre management company with troupes performing throughout India. As part of the troupe, he also taught theatre and dance to underprivileged kids in slums.

An impressive list of internationally recognized professionals works directly with Sapra. He counts among his mentor’s actor, dancer, and choreographer, Shabba-Doo, known as the king of popping and locking. He’s also worked with award-winning music composer, Ara Torosyan, who has provided music for films and documentaries, and Bollywood writer, actor, and lyricist, Sharad Tripathi.

Professional costumer and stylist, Michael Philpot, created the designs for the “Spiderman 3” movie and makes all of Sapra’s professional attire. Sapra has starred in several music videos and worked with BFunk Dance, the most popular choreographers in the U.S. Sapra’s content has been released on every major platform ranging from iTunes to NBC Television.

Sapra believes in giving back to the world at large and has donated his time to the Los Angeles Police Academy, RSG Foundation to raise funds for Filipino children, World Peace Organization, and the Indian non-profit organization Khushi.

He’s performed live for U.S. organizations including AIM for Seva, Indo American Association, Florida Atlantic University, Ohio Arts Council, Victoria Theatre Association and Association of Indian Physicians. His projects support the empowerment of women and have anti-drug messages.

Sapra’s innate acting talent, rich vocals and dynamic energy have taken him around the world. He began performing at the age of 14 and with his talent, drive and ambition, he’s achieved many of his career goals, but there are many more challenges he wants to conquer.


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