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Star David & Sarge New Single ‘Level up’

UK rap & dancehall fusion an amazing track level up by Sarge and Star David out now in most major digital online stores.



At home in Jamaica Kgn 11 Cockburn Pen and Kgn 20 Pembrokehall growing up Star David aka Grammy always usually bang on the doors,paint pan,cheese tin containers and the kitchen sink making his own drum beats and chatted anything that came into his head really sometimes it was what he heard on the radio other times it would be his own lyrics. His father Philip Graham who was a business man shopkeeper the husband of Cleopatra O Graham, his nickname was Mr Charlie he founded the Charlie Shop on Pelican Parade Cockburn Pen in 1976 his dad would always say to him “stop yu noise eena de house bwoy”,but he could not break Star David out of that behaviour pattern banging on these objects creating his own beats, he does it up until this very day sometimes.

Star David was born the 18 of June 1973 in UK Wolverhampton Midlands David Anthony Graham,before his mother conceived she had a dream that she was going to give birth to a very special baby boy and she should name him David, and she would have to return him to the lord thy God Christ Immanuel Jesus,so both my mother and father agreed to name me David.My parents return to Jamaica when he was 6 months old,Star David grew up on Bombo Island (Jamaica),he attended Church Sunday School every Sunday, infant basic school Crossdale Basic,StJudes Primary,and Ardenne High School. Star David returned to the the UK Wolverhampton at age 17 in the year 1990,straight away Star David aka Grammy was involved in travelling around with sound system to clubs etc,My God father Oswald Smith veteran Sound man in Uk and Wolverhampton was the resident dj at a night club in Bilston called La Monte Rouge in the 19 90’s,His sound was called Count Ossie.This is when i began to meet industry people such as radio presenters,sound men,selectors,mc,music artist,producers,promoters,record shop retails distributors etc.In the early nineties Star David aka Grammy entered a bad boy confrontation talent competition in Wolves, Star David who was Grammy at the time made it to the finals won a trophy but did not finish first place,and from there i started to record radio jingles,for local community radio stations Frontline ana Skyline radio,I also started to record my own lyrics at the Sam Sharpe Music Projects mentored by Lester Samuels aka Dread Lester he also mentored Uk soul singer Beverley Knight,Clive Taylor was also another mentor.My stage name was Grammy then he was included on local talent cds,stage show promotions, at night clubs,cultural centre events,summer time wolverhampton Council Festivals.He done his first vinyl 45 single around the year 1995 entitled slice of the cake on the dancehall gate man riddim Blue swan label an indepedent label of Cleveland City,international reggae star Macka B was on the A side of the record and Star David was on the B side,the music was distributed by Summit Records Shop,Ruby Reds Records,and Jet Star Distribution.I continued to record music ,then in 1999 Star David went to tottenham London where he lived attended the Digital Arts Centre (D.A.C) Star David done a short course in music engineer,radio presenting,video editing this happened in the early 21st century.While with the D.A.C he done a house mix collab with Beverley Knight’s voice samples entitled you and i it was mixed by Kotch .It won an award at some UK Artist competition D.A.C entered it in .

In 2008 Star David done a three episode visual comedy entitled The Mad Bongo Cart Man,the trailer was very popular on Ben Tv Sky Digital during the broadcast, he then followed up with the UK hottaz visual dvd including some of London’s UK dancehall and reggae artist.

2010 approaching the Christmas period Star David performed a track entitled santas number at the Anam Bar and Lounge in London Islington it was great thanks to Laura Matthews the promoter.

In 2011 there was the Uk riots Star David was approached by a number of Sky channels to express my views on the riots such as Press tv,Etc i was viewed by many many many millions of people worldwide.Star David was nominated for music mp3 awards in the years 2011 and 2012 in 2011 the track was entitled lets go,in 2012 the track was entitled mi boss on the UK potential beat,this track is on a 2017 dj Kenny Mixtape sticks & stones, collaboration track “facebook dun dem” also on the Uk potential riddim with Canada based dancehall artist O.D & “without you” featuring the Kingdom`s Alexandra Burke is in the mix on the DJ Kenny Mixtape pine and ginger. In 2012 Star David also was signed up to Apple through 4-UR-ENT to be the voice of the animated character iriebot,this is a Jamaican voice translator app, my contract is from 2012 to 2022.

From Oct 1st 2014 to July 1st 2017 Star David was in Jamaica,in 2015 and performed at his Baptism at the Kingston Open Bible Church Washington Boulevard, the 1st April 2016 at the Rev Mark Stewart CrusadeStar David performed during a testimony segment the holy ghost filled the tabernacle at Marverly Park the tent was on fire.In July 2017 he performed at the opening of the Pimentos Caribbean Restaurant and wine Bar in Walsall,alongside Tenna Star and Claire Angel.In August On the Bank Holiday he performed on Likkle wicked Sound System at a Birthday party barbecue.

In 2018 Star David have calloborated with singers Jah Miracle aka Far Corna and the Yardie Chef we made three new tunes for this year ,in 2018 Star David aka Grammy have team up with Bilston rapper Sarge, & Birmingham rapper Savage to make the hot 2018 track “gyangsta”, Star David,Sarge,& Shortz also made another hot track entitled ” something real” .

done dubplates for Genesis sound,Likkle Wicked,Kebra Negus,Virgin Disco.BulletMovements,Jahman Nuclear,Black Nation,Kimo Solo,I have recorded at UB 40 studio,Sam Sharp,Beats a Bar,Digital Arts Centre,Phattraxx,L.O.C studio,Exodus and Gemtar Redhills Rd Jam Kgn,Organic H.e.a.r.t.s studio,RaspecT Studio.

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