EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dj aqueous and Scoop Lo

Dj aqueous is Producer/Dj from Philly and Scoop Lo is a hip hop artist from Jersey. The two have collaborated before on records with Wale and Heather Gin. Independently they both have released well received projects within the last year Welcome to Narnia and Project Mayhem. They currently are promoting

Exclusive: Interview with Harmony Drive

Exclusive Interview Harmony Drive

Harmony Drive from Norway is all about mellow tunes with elements of Americana, rock and alternative pop. The band was started by 3 metal heads who shared the same love for acoustic music. They released their critically acclaimed debut album, in Norway in September 2014 and recieved high rotation on

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Bee Boie

We had a chat with the Bee Boie star about music, life advice and much much more... Luis David Loredo also known by his stage name as Bee Boie was born August 21 1998 in Fresno California. In 2005 Bee Boie then relocated to Casa Grande Arizona where he has then

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Michael Munday (Remedy Music)

Michael Munday is an Austrailian Producer, songwriter and owner of Remedy Music Record Label with a massive amount of talent. We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to him.  Check out his answers to our questions below! How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry? I’ve always had


THE TWITCHERS are a four piece indie rock band from Ulverston, UK consisting of Aaron Cottis (Drums), Rob Morris (Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar),  Matthew Tucker (Lead Guitar) and Tom Spencer (Bass). They recently took some time to complete the following E-mail interview. Check it out! THE TWITCHERS - how did you come up with

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Emine SARI, a Touching Story…

 Please tell your fans something about yourself.  Emine: I was born in a small city in Turkey. I studied outside my own country. I started playing piano in my childhood because I liked the piano voice. I developed myself by myself, I started to learn foreign languages for my desire to