Jordan LaFaver Confirms 2018 Album

Jordan LaFaver

After numerous cancelations, setbacks and unfulfilled promises, pop artist Jordan LaFaver confirmed what many fans have been hoping in a recent interview; his debut album should appear in the latter half of this year after 4 years in development. Speaking with Exposed Vocals, the former Diary of Snow vocalist openly

Jordan LaFaver Throws Shade In New Song

For over a month, former Diary of Snow vocalist Jordan LaFaver teased the release of his second single, promoting it as a Halloween themed song to fit the season. What we weren't expecting was for the song to be as diverse (and frankly as good) as it is. While definitely

NEW MUSIC: Jordan LaFaver Prepares Halloween Release

Pop artist Jordan LaFaver is preparing to release his first single of 2016, and the second song of his solo career. Coming almost a year after his moderately successful first single Lipstick Stains, he plans to release the appropriately titled Salem this Halloween. "Salem was actually written before Lipstick Stains and