INTERVIEW: Meet Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart-toppers in the world of traditional country music. His single, “A Better Place” topped the New Music Weekly AM/FM country chart, the IndieWorld Country Record Report, and spent an incredible 32 weeks

Deon Murphy – “Run Away”

Deon Murphy is an artist who immediately strikes with a great personality and a really original approach to songwriting. His recent release, “Run Away”, is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The song has some really great melody, a punchy, driven beat and more

Darkness Descends into the DJ world

If you close your eyes and visualize the image of a DJ, you might see someone like Bob Sinclair or David Guetta or the dear departed Avicii at fashionable parties, playing summery and sexy hits all along. If you are a bit more music conscious, your mind might produce the image


The Leisure Society is an indie-folk bank from England, consisting of Nick Hemming (guitarist/vocals), Christian Hardy (piano/co-vocals) and Mike Siddell (Violin). Having received a nomination for a prestigious award in 2009, the best song at the Ivor Novello, the Leisure society has been touted by many as the most likely successors


Muntu Valdo is a Jazz singer-songwriter from Doula, Cameroon. In many ways, Valdo seems to have created his very own style of music as he blends the very traditional sounds of folk music in Cameroon with his own rhythm and melody. Muntu refers to this style as “Sawa Blues ” and


The “Wizz at 65 Tour” still features on the navigation menu of Wizz Jones website. Born as Raymond Ronald Jones, the English acoustic guitarist is best known on the folk music circuit and has a distinct charm as we interview him as part of 2Seas Sessions. However, more than ten years

INTERVIEW: Griffiths Records

Griffiths Records strategy and tactics is that of guerrilla warfare which tends to involve the use of a small, mobile force against a large, unwieldy one. The guerrilla force is largely or entirely organized in small units that are dependent on the support of the local population. Tactically, the guerrilla army makes

“3 Piece & a Biscuit” by ShakesDaGr8

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2017) -- Released on Nov. 25, ShakesDaGr8’s first EP “3 Piece & a Biscuit” is this South Florida artist’s break into the world of hip-hop. ShakesDaGr8 brings a raw approach with a smooth flow on what is the appetizer before the main course. “I felt