BEAT MARKET Talks Performing Live,  First Show, And The New  LP... How did you guys first meet, and how did you come up with the name? 2013, is that about when it all started for you?  We first met while jamming in the same jazz class at the University of Montreal. We

Jordan LaFaver Throws Shade In New Song

For over a month, former Diary of Snow vocalist Jordan LaFaver teased the release of his second single, promoting it as a Halloween themed song to fit the season. What we weren't expecting was for the song to be as diverse (and frankly as good) as it is. While definitely


Gwen vs Jessie

Best Fanbase BATTLE has now begun! TMN’s competition to determine the most dedicated, loyal fanbase among all the biggest pop stars of today has now begun! Today, it’s JESSIE J and her ever-faithful TeamJessieJ up against TeamGwen passionate Gwen Stefani's fans. Place you vote below, but hurry this poll closes at midnight on October 16!  

MUSIC: Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta II

AlogiA’s founder Srdjan Brankovic has again proved his talent with the release of the latest album Expedition Delta II. Expedition Delta II struck the strings of many hearts because of the well organized and a perfect blend of the rock music with the melodic guitar and keyboard metallic tones. It lightens

NEW MUSIC: Jordan LaFaver Prepares Halloween Release

Pop artist Jordan LaFaver is preparing to release his first single of 2016, and the second song of his solo career. Coming almost a year after his moderately successful first single Lipstick Stains, he plans to release the appropriately titled Salem this Halloween. "Salem was actually written before Lipstick Stains and