Jordan LaFaver Confirms 2018 Album

Jordan LaFaver

After numerous cancelations, setbacks and unfulfilled promises, pop artist Jordan LaFaver confirmed what many fans have been hoping in a recent interview; his debut album should appear in the latter half of this year after 4 years in development. Speaking with Exposed Vocals, the former Diary of Snow vocalist openly

New Album: “Part of Me” Gianluca Corrao

"Part of Me" Gianluca Corrao

"Part of Me" Gianluca Corrao's new album!   From September, in all store records and digital stores, the new album by Gianluca Corrao "Part of Me" (Smilax), 9 pop tracks from the fresh and international sounds, written by Giovanni Germanelli and Francesco Mignogna, marking the great return of 'Genoese artist. The opening single