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Taylor Swift Presents Ruby Rose With GLAAD Media Award!

Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at the GLAAD Media Awards last Saturday night, April 2nd, to present the multi-talented Australian star, Ruby Rose with the Stephen F. Kolzak Media Award, an award which honours openly LGBT media professionals who speak out for acceptance and equality in the LGBT+ community. In recent years Ruby Rose has raised awareness to gender-nonconformity with her short film “Break Free” and with her part in the Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black, which raises awareness to the LGBT community. Rose uses her voice to speak out about important issues in society, and she makes a real difference in the world.

Swift walked on stage to a standing ovation in a stunning black dress with a high slit at the side, exposing her long toned legs. She presented Rose with the award with a beautiful speech in which she she described Rose as a “force of nature” who “tells the world that no one can judge us and no one can stop us,” hugging Rose as she presented her with the award.

Ruby Rose stunned the audience in a gorgeous white suit. She told the audience that she had prepared herself for many possibilities, but she had not expected Taylor Swift to present her award to her. She posted on her instagram account after the show that she was ‘shocked and brought to tears’ and described Swift as an ‘always amazing and giving girl’.

Ruby Rose once mentioned her admiration for Swift in an interview in which she said: “I have such a girl crush on Taylor Swift. I’m obsessed. I just want to be friends with her, like best friends forever!” Seemingly her dreams have come true. Swift and Rose have been spotted together at clubs and parties recently and seem to be forming a beautiful friendship. When strong women stand together, incredible things can happen, who knows what these two could achieve together.

Did you watch the GLAAD Media Awards? Were you as surprised as Ruby Rose at Taylor’s appearance?

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