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The new face of Cinema: Young actress to keep your eye on – Turan Babir

Turan Babir

The summer used to be a slow period for film, so what better time to focus our readers’ attention on the up-and-coming artists who’d be shaping the next generation? We round up who’s set to have a very exciting (and busy) 2019! Once to watch: Turan Babir!

CAK Production is excited to launch off its first movie next year in collaboration with new young actress Turan Babir.

Turan will be shine next year in her debut film, directed by CAK Production. They are as anxious about Turan’s debut just like the producer is when his own film is releasing.

“I’m attracted to people who are nothing like me because I want to tell stories that are different from my life,” the Turkey-based filmmaker Can Arda KOÇ says. “But I can only make a film when I relate to someone on a deeper level.”

Once he met Turan, he instinctively knew he had found his main character. “It’s about picking a world and creating an ideal character in my head and then going out to find her in real life,” he says.




Born: 1998

Why watch her?  Turan’s early life is about as far from the glamour world of cinema as you can get. Born in Azerbaijan, Turan moved to Turkey when she was 17 because she won the Philosophy department of Istanbul University.

After a year of studying she understands that she doesn’t want this university. That’s why she leaves the university and she’s starting to follow her dreams. Her childhood love painting takes place in every aspect of her life. A successful artist Turan decides to improve herself in the tattoo area. A woman who- determined, fighter, hopefully, and excited for the future.

She speaks 4 languages and she has many certificates and prizes in different areas. She likes to read books, watch movies, travel and play guitar in her free time. Art is her soul. She wants to get out on the world tour before she dies. Her biggest passion is fast cars, guns, and far east fights. Previously she had Enshin Karate for 8 years.  She wanted to take part in tension and action films. She especially wanted to play “Fast and Furious” film series. She wants to get the main role in “Sherlock Holmes” series. She really likes Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting. One day in the future she wants to be Victoria’s Secret angel.


New actress Turan Babir is set to appear in one of the biggest films of 2019.

And we believe will be starring with the biggest names in the near future!





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