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INTERVIEW: Vincent Barrea –Zoom Zoom ЕР

The brash newcomer of the European pop scene Vincent Barrea continues to build on the success of his debut hit single Zoom Zoom. Following the song, which has already been actively supported in Latin America, Australia, France, and many other countries, Vincent presents the same name EP, which includes two new songs at once -the intimate “I’m Not Afraid” and the energetic “Save My Life”.

The artist of the young London label Maître says that today he listens to a lot of electronic, club music. Therefore, in the Zoom Zoom EP, we can hear the influence of all dance genres–future beats, house and electro that are relevant today.

For everyone who liked the debut single Zoom Zoom, Vincent prepared a surprise! In addition to the original version of the song, the EPalso includes a remix from London based Kovalenco Gennadi, whose tracks play in their radio shows and podcasts top stars like Skrillex and Diplo.


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About Vincent Barrea:

“My music represents freedom and joy! It is capable of giving the impulses which make life interesting and surprising. This allows one to feel solace from their problems and experiences” says Vincent Barrea, performer, musician and dancer.

Vincent is the opening artist of the new British label Maitre. With each single, he reveals new facets to his work ranging from the fiery club banger Zoom Zoom to the stylish vibrations of the deep house, the hot reggaeton motifs, and the current trends in the world of pop music.

Vincent Barrea is a keen music lover. In parallel to the development of his own musical career, he also leads a popular media about indie musicians, Priliv Space. The musician says “I love different music: techno, hip-hop, indie, trip-hop, pop, and even folk.”.

Over the years, the fascination with unexpected music for Vincent led him to the stage. Today he says that he is fully prepared for this difficult, but fascinating adventure and believes that it will be a beautiful experience.

In the past, he has been a successful fashion photographer, an actor in a musical theater and a blogger. In the role of an artist, he summarizes his life experience and impressions and the reflection is good taste, musical erudition, and stage skills.

Ahead – new videos and releases.

Vincent Barrea works with experienced sound producers and club DJs in the search to add the different facets of their music and at the same time is looking forward to debut on the big stage.


Q: Thank you for taking the time for this interview for TMN. Let’s start at the beginning with your music career. For first time readers finding out about you via this interview will want to know how you came about with your musical journey…..

I was found on instagram. I was just posting some funny, stupid videos, covers of other songs and dancing. I just wanted to start somewhere, I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want to go to all these different competitions. Therefore, I focused on this and hoped to find some talented person who would write to me “Listen, I write music, let’s do something fun together,” and in the end Nadia Stognevich wrote to me from Maitre label and offered serious work. So began my adventure

Q: What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?
If we talk specifically about this moment – this conversation with you, then of course, the music video that we released in early November, it was the beginning. Then there was the first interview, a lot of different publications, first broadcast on MTV, the release of my first EP all led me right up to this moment. Many people remember all the dates in their relationships, and I am sure that I will always remember all the dates of the events that I have listed. I have been waiting for this for a long time)

Q: What are some of the obstacles you face while being on the road?
It is difficult to remember any specific examples, because myself and the guys from my label treat obstacles not really as any sort of problem, but as a next challenge, accordingly it just doesn’t register as something bad. We call it tasks, and tasks must be solved. There’s been a few difficult tasks, I struggled for years with being overweight. And it was also difficult and painful to do tricks during the clip. But all this, even if it takes a lot of time to solve it, is, well, solvable. It’s even a bit shameful that there isn’t really, much to talk about in this question.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations?
Today I realized how much RuPaul inspires me, for example. Yesterday I watched the Green Book and was greatly impressed by Mahershala Ali. Two days ago, I revisited the works of Paolo Roversi and it pumped me up a lot. And a few days before that, I heard the track “Elizabeth Taylor” Clare Maguire quite differently and could no longer listen to anything but this track, it didn’t stop playing for a second. Literally every day, someone’s example gives me new strength

Q: Social Media: Do you feel it truly reflects an Artists talent?
I’m not sure that social media reflects exactly talent as per se… but I treat my pages as a continuation of me. Just like my image is a continuation of my soul.
In general, it helps me to bring something, a sense of taste, thought, or just
emotions at the moment. I constantly post something besides myself, mostly music of other artists and not very well-known ones, I even have a telegram channel on this topic.
This is some kind of micro-world that you yourself are forming – I have always loved social media and use it to my advantage.

Q: Who gave you your first opportunity in music?
I feel embarrassed, because in each of my interviews I talk about the guys from Maitre label, Kostya, Olesya and Nadya and this isn’t stipulated by the contract, honestly (laughs) But it’s true, it was them who gave me my first chance to take the artist’s path. I was engaged in dancing, a little vocal, acting and even playing in theater, possibly, it led me to where I am now, but I think that everything that was before was child’s-play and doesn’t count)

Final question: I have been asked many times: where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years’ time? I personally feel that isn’t a fair question because it is so general-based. So let me ask you this: What are the new things you would like to try with your career or even lifestyle that you haven’t experienced yet or would like to do differently and why?
I would like to play in several major musicals! Just not the main role, thats always boring. Either someone bright and episodic, like Scar from the Lion King, or as an artist of the ensemble. Yes, it is really strange, everyone is surprised when I say this, but the ensemble artists have the most dances and songs, and I adore vocal ensembles and choirs.
Also in the next five years, I would like to become the face of several clothing brands. And play in a sitcom, of course. Also would love to shoot my first short film. Try myself in completely new directions of music and styles. I also want to organize my own music festival, bring the most talented artists from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries and show them to the whole world, there are so many to see, believe me. I also want to play a character in a fantasy game. And make an exhibition of my photographs. I would like to release a sad album – I even have it written down as one of my dreams in my notebook (you will be surprised, but I have one). Play my dj set in the Berghain and in The American Cathedral in Paris. In general, I can really go on and on and on when asked about what I want to do, where I see myself. It’s just like asking me what my favorite artists are.. haha
Somehow there’s just too much of what I have not done, didn’t achieve,…and this is wonderful. It’s what gives me that zest for life and make me want to shoot out of bed every morning. I think that was a mini sketch for the next five years, in addition to the obvious desires that any artist has, how to show his music to people all over the world, to receive prestigious awards, to release multi-hits, to make duets with those whom you admire for years and all that just doesn’t let me sleep.

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