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VOTE: The Best Males In Pop 2016 (So Far…)

It’s been a very big debate as to who could be classified as the Best Male Pop Star of 2016, so we were hoping you, the readers, can settle this one for us!

World entertainment has gone to the peak. Only the most talented people could stand up, win the crowds’ hearts, and be the idols of millions of people from around the globe.

What was the ~true champion~ out of all the singers you loved in 2016? Vote here!

As always, we want you to have your say. So head over to our twitter @TopMegaNewz or comment bellow to let us know who you’re voting for or who you hope will win.

Feel free to shoot over an email, some juicy gossip or any feedback to: [email protected]

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  • RoWills

    Been head over heels over Adam Lambert since he first turnedup on American Idol! Now, I enjoy his 3 studio albums SO MUCH, plus his work with Queen!

  • Leonora

    I voting for #AdamLambert! Fingers crossed! X

    • Raija Peura

      #AdamLambert the best Entertainer on our planet!

  • Diana

    #AdamLambert #AdamLambert #AdamLambert
    #AdamLambert #AdamLambert #AdamLambert
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  • Crocker Edith

    #BrunoMars #BrunoMars #BrunoMars

    • NettievrMccrackingh

      yeassssssss go go go #BrunoMars

  • Maja Vlahović

    Adam is will winner! 😀 <3

  • NettievrMccrackingh

    VOTE for Bruno Mars!

  • Adam Lambert, head and shoulders above the rest of the field, so insanely talented AND a really nice man

  • judity

    Adam Lambert the best singer and performer in the world

  • Theresa Dailey

    Gotta be ADAM LAMBERT!! He’s Leagues ahead of the rest!! Talent .. Style .. and that VOICE!!

  • Sherry

    Adam Lambert is the hardest working male singer in the music industry. I have followed him since AI & have become more of a fan every day. His voice, charisma, likability, sex appeal is unmatched.

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  • Adam Lambert, the man among boys, so insanely talented

    • Sherry

      Truer words never spoken

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