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Watch: Taylor Swift’s ‘New Romantics’ Video!

Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated music video for ‘New Romantics’ yesterday, her latest and what is believed to be the final single off of her award winning album, 1989. The video is made up of a montage of clips from The 1989 World Tour, and as the camera pans on the crowd as the song finishes and the audience fades into darkness it seems to mark the end of the incredible ‘1989 Era’.

The music video is a beautiful tribute to her fans who support her in everything that she does. The camera focuses on the audience several times throughout the video and Taylor speaks of their importance saying: “The fans are the best part of this tour. They’re the reason the shows are incredible, and I know those fans out there are just all in.” It’s heartwarming to hear her speak of her appreciation for her fans, and the tour video is very different from all her recent videos such as Blank Space and Bad Blood which were more plot based and theatrical.

There was some controversy when the video was released as it was released exclusively to Apple Music, with whom Swift has a sponsorship deal. This prevented millions of fans who aren’t subscribed to the service from watching the video they’d been eagerly anticipating, however, it was announced today that the video would become available on all other platforms such as YouTube from next week, April 13th.

Watch “New Romantics” by Taylor Swift on @AppleMusic.

Or watch it on all other platforms on April 13th.

Have you seen the ‘New Romantics’ video yet?  What did you think?

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