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WATCH: Tegan and Sara Release Video For New Song ‘Faint Of Heart’!

Canadian twins, Tegan and Sara, released their eighth studio album, ‘Love You To Death’, last month, to high critical acclaim. The duo are now touring the globe, from Asia to Australia and America, with the promise of European dates in 2017.

Despite their already busy schedule, the pair have decided to do something truly unique with this album, they plan to bring every song on the album to life in the form of a music video!

The fourth music video off of the album, for the song “Faint Of Heart”, was released today, less than a week after the video for “BWU”. This video raises awareness and acceptance of the LGBT community, which the sisters are active members of. The video portrays a lip sync battle and brings to life LGBT icons such as Prince and Bowie, in a very special way, promoting acceptance and love for the queer and trans community. It’s a beautiful piece of art, directed by Devon Kirkpatrick.

Unlike in the previous video for “BWU”, neither of the sisters starred in this one, however, they did make a brief appearance dancing in the audience. In BWU, Sara stole the show with her acting debut as she portrayed her views on marriage.

With the promise of a video for each song on the album, I’m excited to see which song they release a video for next!

Watch th ‘Faint Of Heart’ video here:

What is your favourite video so far and why?

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