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Why Sports Lovers Absolutely Should Watch Power Sportz TV

Kanthi D Suresh

Luckily for us, we had the chance to interview Kanthi D Suresh, Editor in Chief of Power Sportz (India’s First Digital Live Sports News Channel), and we asked her all about her channel and her show Talking Turkey with Kanthi.


1. What’s on Power Sportz TV? How is it different from other traditional sports channels?

Power Sportz is different from other traditional sports channels for the simple reason that it looks at sports differently from the way other channels do. Most sports channels look at Sports as a piece of entertainment, while we look at Sports as a tool that can empower people and build a better nation. We discuss and debate on sports issues that effect the athlete, the support staff and the fan. We engage with opinion makers on better ways to build a sports culture in the country. We call ourselves the ‘Voice of Sport’ in India. We are the first channel to be doing so. We are Indias first Sports news & Journalism channel.

2. Is Power Sportz TV only for Indian audience or can everyone watch it?

Power Sportz is hosted on a digital platform and hence accessible from any part of the globe on the url The Indian diaspora would feel completely nostalgic to hear about sports issues on many traditional sports lie kho-kho, kabaddi etc which they certainly miss outside of India. The global viewer would find it interesting to see a variety of sports and sports issues which is different from what happens in the rest of the world. To sum it up, its an infotainment channel that could be relevant for all, with a focus on Indian programming content

3. You host a weekly show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” where there are often panel discussions – what are you hoping will come from the conversation, will this bring change?

Yes, the show ‘Talking Turkey’, is certainly capturing eyeballs in a short span of 4 months and its hit more than a million views already. I raise and discuss issues that have never been done before, be it revolving around transgender issues in sports or challenges faced by para-athletes. Through this show, I hope to capture the imagination of the people of India and stimulate them to think about sports as an integral part of development and strive to create a more egalitarian sports society in India through equality across various sports and equality across gender within various sports

4. You are also India’s first female editor-in-chief of a sports channel, will this benefits
Indian women athletes?

Indian women athletes have been performing exceedingly well in the recent past with many of them seeing a podium finish at big events like the Olympics. Being the first woman to be heading a sports channel, I would feel fulfilled if women who are on their arduous path to success feel positively impacted by our focus on their journey rather than their destination. That’s a gap area that exists in woman sports in India. The focus has been only on the victory!


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