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WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Ms Kimmarie Johnson

Kimmarie Johnson

At a time when fame could only be attained by word of mouth and a very closely knit group of media houses, Ms Kimmarie Johnson pierced through the competition and made her mark on the world stage by the sheer power of her personality. Without prior training and the guidance of any industry guru, Kimmarie went from being the daughter of Frank and Carol Johnson of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania to travelling the globe as a stewardess for the then famed PanAm, to being a feature model for fashion icons such as the United Colors of Benetton, Oscar de la Renta and a contender for several major film roles.

To describe Kimmarie Johnson as one of the most beautiful women on Earth would be a true injustice to her. Her very raw beauty is undeniable and timeless. As a model, Kimmarie frequently headlined all the fashion shows she participated in. Her immaculate appearance is unmatched in the industry. Kimmarie commitment to the art of enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of people led her to search out and create a line of products to assist women in reducing the probability of developing stretch marks resultant from pregnancy or other weight management activities. Her product line – SkinGlow by Kimmarie is designed to help women enhance their natural beauty.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Kimmarie Johnson

After spending several years doing the fashion circuit on the East Coast and Europe, Kimmarie was introduced to Hollywood, where she later moved to, and began a career in acting. In Hollywood, Kimmarie applied herself to studying and working the stage circuit. Early on, she was cast in several TV shows and a few feature films. As competitive as Hollywood is, Kimmarie was able to hold her own in a town ruled by nepotism and gender challenges. Kimmarie quickly learned that there were two sides to show business, and one side of that business requires the wit and acumen of a business tycoon.

As a business tycoon, Kimmarie decided early on in her career not just to be in front of the camera, but to also be instrumental and helping other artists realize their artistic vision. This decision led her to become the execute producer of several film projects including those of the highly acclaimed South Korean born producer – Young Man Kang. The projects she financed for him have won some critical acclaim over the years. Kimmarie has a good ear for a good story and her visionary insight has always proven to be accurate.

Kimmarie enjoys professional dancing. She spent several years learning how to dance professional. Her commitment to the art of the dance helped her to develop the precision and grace that defines every facet of her life. You will often find her working out to some dance routines just for fun.

Kimmarie Johnson is our December COVERSTAR and WOMAN OF THE YEAR

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