Luna 13, Black Metal for Juggalos

The Regent, a power music venue in Los Angeles, had its stage 'bass' shaken by edgy controversial underground artists. The theater became a sort of horror circus to welcome hundreds of fans of the Juggalo world and its kings: Insane Clown Posse. The hip-hop duo, composed of Violent J

Nannies – The new show to watch!

Nannies is the new series to watch! The real stories of the nannies of Beverly Hills are finally being exposed… but in the nicest way possible, through a new comedy web series starring four incredibly talented actresses. The series came to light after two REAL nannies to the rich

5 Foods for Newly Sober Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a difficult thing to come out of. Their condition is never easy in the first place, with having to battle various physical and mental symptoms, and the recovery process requires a tremendous amount of strength and determination. To aid in this uphill task of recovery, alcoholics trying to